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About Egypt

Egypt, a northeastern corner of Africa is a traditional country that is linked to the borders of Libya, Israel, and Sudan. This country is renowned for its beautiful structures. In this country, there are Pyramids of Giza, which are awarded the status of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The official language of Egypt is Arabic. It is also famous for the world’s largest river i.e. the Nile River. On the water of this river, the life of over 90 million people depends.

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Climate of Egypt

The climate of Egypt is somewhat hotter desert-like. All over the country, the climate, in general, is dry and warm except the north Mediterranean coasts where rainfall occurs in winter.

Fun facts about Egypt

Now let us know some benefits of MBBS in Egypt

Why MBBS in Egypt

Advantages of MBBS in Egypt

Now let us know about education in this country.
For medical students, Egypt has become a significant attraction as MBBS in this country is known to be a high-quality education. Now you must be wondering why MBBS in Egypt. Thus, let us know some reasons for choosing this country for your MBBS.
Most of the students have a dream of studying their graduation from the most reputed university among which only a few students will able to fulfill their dreams. In order to get admission in such a course, you need to pay a high fee and some donations too and the student needs to qualify the entrance exam. But most of the students won’t able to do this. Thus, we recommend you MBBS in Egypt. The reason behind this is that this country provides high quality education along with a lot of opportunities. And let us tell you that the graduates from Egypt are working across the globe.

MBBS in Egypt

In this country, there are well recognized universities that are approved by the UNESCO, WHO, and Medical Councils of many countries such as America, India, and a lot more. These universities also offer scholarships to the deserving candidates. In this country, there are public universities as well as private universities, which provide the education in English medium.

Eligibility criteria

Now let us know that if you are eligible or not in order to get admission in MBBS in Egypt.

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