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Singapore is one of the famous country around the world and also offering great opportunities to the indian student so that they can fulfill their dream by studying MBBS in abroad . Singapore tropical climate is free from all major natural disasters. Singapore has a strong economy around the world and Singapore is one of the safe country around the world with a stable and supportive government with very low crime rate, Singapore is an ideal place to study medicines . One of the main benefit of studying MBBS in Singapore is the most commonly use language is English and international student will also not find any difficulty while studying MBBS .

About Singapore

Singapore has anvery efficient public transportation system supported with modern infrastructure and modern technology. Travelling is very easy convenient and quick with very less expenses and even you can visit the many places ofsingapore according the interest of tourists. Most of the international students fall in love with the Singapore places and food which has a huge variety . Singapore offers you healthy and safe environment to study

Singapore Top Colleges

Yong loo lin school of medicines ,national university of singapore.
Lee kong chain school of medicines.
Duke –NUS medical school.

Criteria for admission for an MBBS course in Singapore?

In Singapore you need to fulfill basic requirements if you are going to take admission in MBBS .You must be above 17 and must completed 12 with mandatory subjects biology, chemistry ,physics etc English is also mandatory subject in Singapore. After studying MBBS in Singapore you will get global recognized degree .Admission procedure in Singaporeis quite difficult and complicated not every indian student get the chance to study MBBS in singapore.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Singapore

Singapore is sparkling country famous among all the countries for MBBS . singapore offering outstanding education system to the international students , and and also offering many other several opportunities to the international students who want to study abroad. Singapore is an island nation comprising of 63 islands. Singapore is one of the the famous country across the world providing high quality education to the international student with promising technology. There is no dought that international student fall in love with Singapore . no other country then Singapore truly can offer high quality education to the students with great exposure for building their career dreams.
Singapore offering high quality education to the student .singapore is the best option for the middle class student who want to study MBBS but they lack behind due to high institution fee in india but in Singapore student need to qualify NEET and after qualifying they will get direct admission in the colleges without any donation . singapore provide all kind of facilities to the international student like indian mess facility is also available so they feel like home . all universities in Singapore are recognized by world health organization and medical counsil of india. all universities in Singapore counted among top countries offering MBBS . Singapore consist many top medical universities offering high quality medical education.

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