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About Ukraine

Ukraine, the largest country situated in Eastern Europe is the best destination to study MBBS. According to the Education Ministry, it has around 65,000 – 70,000 international students pursuing MBBS among which around 15,000 – 20,000 students are from India. One of the major benefits of studying MBBS from Ukraine is that it imparts the best quality of education at minimum investment. Let us tell you that all the universities of MBBS are accredited by MIC and WHO, which is the world’s major organizations.

Neighbourging Countries

The country is surrounded by Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, Belarus and Romania


The major cities are:


Most of the students are concerned with the weather and the climate of Ukraine. Thus, let us describe to you the climate of that city. It is a dry and continental inclined climate with warm and dry summers and fairly severe winter. The warmest month in Ukraine is July having a temperature of around 24 degrees Celsius.


The capital city is Kyiv

Ukraine Top Colleges


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Now, a huge number of students are concerned with this question that why we should choose Ukraine for our MBBS. Let us tell you some important reasons that help you in choosing your career.

Benefits of studying in Ukraine

Among international students, Ukraine is one of the most popular cities to study MBBS at an affordable price. Let us tell you a good thing about it that the graduates of MBBS are eligible to apply for jobs across the globe. Also, they can begin their own practice easily. It is basically a golden opportunity to study their MBBS in a city like Ukraine as all the universities are accredited by the world’s major organization.
The campus of all the universities is modern that provides high qualities of smart classes; class faculty; Wi-Fi campus; cafeteria; laboratories; library; gym and all other. One of the biggest benefits that you can get for studying in Ukraine that is there is no requirement of donations. Most of the students will get a lot of scholarships among which almost all students are Indian.
The students are concerned with this that they will get practical knowledge or not. Then let us clear you that all the universities have a highly advanced medical curriculum, which provides you the practical knowledge. One other major benefit that you can get by studying in Ukraine is that in case if you won’t able to learn Ukrainian, then for the Indian students there is a special class that is conducted in the English medium. You will get a huge number of job opportunities if you will study your MBBS in Ukraine.

Eligibility criteria

Now let us know if you are eligible or not by providing you the eligibility criteria. Have a focus on the eligibility criteria and try to fulfill it.

MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine has a number of government and private universities that offer medical studies to the students, being second-largest country of Europe the students can get the medical education of premium quality. The universities of Ukraine are accredited by WHO and UNESCO ad other the medical council or organization of other countries. Students get a planned course structure and hands-on practice for their profession. Top universities in Ukraine

Now let us know about Ukraine medical universities

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