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More than 10,000 Indian students are admitted to MBBS abroad each year. Providing MBBS courses for Indian students in Kazakhstan is always worthwhile because the cost of medical education is low. Medical schools in Kazakhstan are favored by the world for their high quality school education methods. In Kazakhstan, clinical training is truly worthwhile because the country continues its common benchmark for medical training. All top medical schools in Kazakhstan are accredited by WHO, USMLE, IMED, GMC, MCI

About Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has become the regional core of Central Asia. The MBBS in Kazakhstan is a very valuable medical degree with the best medical schools. There are several destinations in the world that study medicine for Indian students, but Kazakhstan offers more diversity and great opportunities for Indian and international students. Compared to other countries, getting a MBBS degree at the best medical school in Kazakhstan is very simple.

Kazakhstan Top Colleges


List of top medical schools accredited by MCI in Kazakhstan:

Learning the advantages of MBBS in Kazakhstan:

Why are you studying medicine in Kazakhstan?

MBBS course in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan MBBS - Is Indian student safe?

  1. In a survey conducted by the Kazakh government, India became one of the top 50 countries that sent a large number of students to Kazakhstan.
  2. For researchers who have already sought МВВЅ courses in Kazakhstan, their government authorities will provide them with better solutions.

Kazakhstan MBBS College

Kazakhstan MBBS Learning Curriculum Outline

At the medical university in Kazakhstan, the syllabus is roughly the same as the Indian medical school. These universities provide Indian students with good quality facilities, so they can acquire skills on drugs and complex body problems. Those who have been successful after 2 years must visit the government and private hospitals for practice. After the sixth semester, students practice under the supervision of a senior doctor. The following is an outline of the courses that MBBS students will study during their medical degree in Kazakhstan.

After completing the MBBS in Kazakhstan

Once students complete the MBBS course from any of the famous medical universities in Kazakhstan, Indian students will have many opportunities, such as they can return to their hometown to participate in the MCI screening / FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Screening Test) exam, if the student has Eligibility for good grades that can be practiced in India.

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